Thursday, November 5, 2009

Research Brainstorm

Why are you interested in this country and its relationship to the U.S.?
- I am really interested to find out a lot more about Cuba because there is a lot to learn and research about different topics such as Communism, Guantanamo Bay (how the U.S owns land in Cuba), how the Soviet Union helped Cuba to maintain communism alive . Something that I really would like to find out, how Cuba was able to keep its communism, and how the United States tried to stop communism in Cuba.

What has struck you about its history and relationship to the United States from our readings, and from other knowledge and experience you may have?
-From my knowledge, I know that the U.S owns land in Cuba, called Guantanamo Bay. In this land I know they have terrorists in prison. I also know that the U.S under the Clinton’s office, also promoted the famous “Bay Of Pigs” in which the U.S government helped Cuban revels to overthrown its government.

Based on your reading and knowledge so far, do you think the U.S.'s relationship with this country supports the thesis "The United States is an imperial power"?
-Yes, I totally think that the U.S tried at some point control Cuba, but during the Cold War Period, I believe they were scared to attack or invade Cuba, because of the rumors that the Soviet Union was it’s allie.

What dont you know that you want to find out?
-I need to find out more about Cuba, itself. I have a little knowledge about almost everything. But I definitely have to go more in depth in order to have a better idea of the relationship between the U.S and Cuba and the clash between this two different type of governments :Democratic and Communist.


Edison Estrella said...
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Prof. T. said...

Great questions. But - when was the Bay of Pigs? Be sure to look that one up.

Another interesting quesiton: was Cuba able to not be shaped by US power as much as other countries because of the Soviet Union? Did it trade one imperial relationship for another? And how has the relationship to the US changed since the end of the Cold War?

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on Communism? Do you think it was a good idea for Cuba? What do you think the U.S. thinks of communism? Sometimes I think it contradicts their idea of 'equailty.'

Blank Girls said...

i think oyu have a really great subjsct .. i think that the fact that cuba a tiny country in the carribean was able to maintain communism and oppose the U.S. is very interesting so i think that you should most definitely includethat in your essay